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Ro Hensley


I’m what you’d call a full-stack online community marketer. I practically live and breathe community strategy thanks to over a decade of experience in digital marketing, community management and support. I specialize in owned brand communities, from forums and private groups to member programs and creator management.


I specialize in owned brand communities, from forums and private groups to member programs and creator management - but I've done it all! I've led & trained remote global community teams responsible for community management, moderating, & social media management. I've created and managed ambassador & influencer networks, member programs, and volunteer programs, too. I can even help you launch a brand spanking new community (or manage an existing one) on pretty much any platform.Check out my referrals on Linkedin

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What I'm not is a community "ninja" or a "social media rockstar." Please look elsewhere if that's what you're seeking. What I am is a regular ol' person who is pretty damn good at what they do, and enjoys doing it, too. I'm a creative self-starter who thrives in fast-paced autonomous environments where I'm given the freedom to explore & the support to execute strategy.I've loved community for as long as I can remember. I grew up using our family computer to play in online forums and IRC (chat) rooms. Even now I spend my free time voluntarily moderating online communities & forums that I love.In the free time I'm a lover of trash TV, horror movies, and a collector of the macabre. You'll catch me tweeting along with realty TV Twitter and chatting with the death positive community.


I love trash TV and I love to eat great food! Find me talking trash TV & movies over on Twitter, and pictures of my culinary experiences on Insta.


If you'd like to chat about how I can help you with your community efforts, give me a shout! I'm also available for projects on Upwork.